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ATRS Policy Manual Title Page
Table Of Contents
Organization and Operation
0-1 Rules of Organization and Operation
1-1 Board Plan Administration
1-2 Board Guiding Principles
1-3 Board Code of Conduct
1-4 Board Member Development
1-5 Board Meetings
1-6 Duties of Chair and Vice Chair
1-7 Reimbursement of Expenses
1-8 Procurement of Services
1-9 Board Committee Principles
1-10 Investment Committee Charter
1-11 Policy/Legislative Committee Charter (Repealed)
1-12 Policies Committee Charter (Repealed - Combined with No. 1-11)
1-13 Real Estate Committee Charter (Repealed)
1-14 Real Estate Screening Committee Charter (Repealed)
1-15 Board Self-Evaluation
1-16 Executive Committee Charter (Repealed)
1-17 Administrative/Personnel Committee Charter (Repealed)
1-18 Audit Committee Charter
1-19 Operations Committee Charter
Board Objectives
2-1 Board Financial Objectives
2-2 Board Objectives for Members
2-3 Board Governance Objectives
2-4 Staff Learning and Growth Objectives
Executive Director
A. Board-Executive Director Relationship
3-1 Employment of Executive Director
3-2 Executive Director's Job Description
3-3 Delegation to the Executive Director
3-4 Monitoring Executive Performance
B. Executive Director Limitations
3-5 General Executive Constraints
3-6 Communication and Counsel to the Board
3-7 Code of Ethics
3-8 Compensation and Benefits
3-9 Operations
3-10 Staff Treatment
3-11 Risk Management
Composition and Election of Board of Trustees
4-1 Board Composition and Elections
4-2 Election Procedures and Terms of Office for Elected Trustee Positions
4-3 Schedule for Trustee Elections (Repealed - Combined with No. 4-2)
5-1 Investment Introduction
5-2 Standard of Care
5-3 Asset Allocation
5-4 Investment Goals
5-5 Investment Strategy
5-6 Investment Consultants
5-7 Investment Managers
5-8 Soft Dollars
6-1 Membership Definitions and Rules
6-1A Contributory/Noncontributory Service
6-1B Erroneous Membership
6-2 Reciprocity
6-3 College Alternate Part I (Repealed)
6-4 College Alternate Part II (Repealed)
6-5 College Alternate Part III (Repealed)
6-6 Technical and Community Colleges (Repealed)
6-7 Alternate Plan for Vocational Education (Repealed)
6-8 Department of Health Rehabilitation Services Transfer (Act 793 of 1977) (Repealed)
6-10 Privatized Employers and Nonprofit Corporations
6-11 Confidentiality of Member Records
6-12 College Plan
7-1 Calculation of Final Average Salary
7-2 Proof of Service Credit
7-3 Employee (Member) Contributions
7-4 Reporting Employee and Employer Contributions
8-1 Definitions Concerning Purchase of Service Credits/Repayment of Refunds
8-2 Refunds of Member Contributions
8-3 Repayment of Refunded Member Contributions
8-4 Rollover Acceptance and Distribution
8-5 Purchase Payment Rules
8-6 Cancellation of Purchase Service Accounts
8-7 Free Military Service
8-8 Free Teaching Service before 1937
8-9 Purchase of Back Contributions
8-10 Purchase of Additional Contributions (Repealed)
8-11 Purchase of Noncontributory Service as Contributory (Repealed)
8-12 Purchase of Military Service (Repealed)
8-13 Purchase of National Guard Service (Repealed)
8-14 Purchase of Out-of-State Service (Repealed)
8-15 Purchase of Overseas Service (Repealed)
8-16 Purchase of Sabbatical Leave (Repealed)
8-17 Purchase of Private School Service (Repealed)
8-18 Purchase of Domestic Federal Service (Repealed)
8-19 Purchase of Federal Retirement Service
8-20 Contract Buyout or other Court Ordered Payments
9-1 Retirement/Benefits Definitions
9-2 Age and Service (Voluntary) Retirement
9-3 State Employee Transfer to APERS
9-4 Disability Retirement
9-5 Deferred Retirement
9-6 Early Retirement
9-7 Annuity Options and Disposition of Residue after Retirement
9-8 Error Corrections and Collection of Overpayments
Return to Service
10-1 Rescinding Retirement (Repealed)
10-2 Employment of an ATRS Retiree by a Participating Employer
10-3 Teacher Deferred Retirement Option Plan (T-DROP)
Survivors/Domestic Relations Orders
11-1 Survivor Benefits
11-2 Lump-Sum Death Benefit
11-3 Qualified Domestic Relations Orders for ATRS Members
11-4 Qualified Domestic Relations Orders for Retired Members (Repealed - Combined with No. 11-3)
11-5 Lost Payees
Internal Revenue Code
12-1 Protection of "Qualified Trust" Status of ATRS under Internal Revenue Code § 401(a)
Administrative Adjudications
Rule 13 Administrative Adjudications: Staff Determinations and Appeals
Retirement Fund Asset Accounts
14-1 Retirement Fund Asset Accounts
Benefit Restoration Plan and Trust
15-1 Benefit Restoration and Trust

Cash and Savings Help Program for Members
16-1 Cash and Savings Help Program for Members

Manifest Injustice
17-1 Manifest Injustice
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