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This section contains information on retiring from ATRS and the necessary steps to retire as well as the time frame in which they should be done. This section also contains contact information of the respective departments to complete the steps.

All applications for retirement benefits must be filed with this office one (1) full month prior to the effective date of benefits (i.e. July benefits require a May application). For members under age sixty-five (65), termination of employment must occur prior to the effective date of benefits.

Retirees under age sixty-five (65) cannot return to employment in a position covered ATRS within six (6) months of their effective date of retirement or their retirement benefits will be canceled and benefits received will have to be paid back to ATRS.

Any ATRS retiree with a combined total of thirty-eight (38) years or more of
(in any combination):

  • Credited service in ATRS

  • Participation in the T-DROP plan

  • Reciprocal credited service in another eligible state retirement system

shall have a one (1) month separation period from the member's effective date of retirement before the retiree returns to work in a position covered by ATRS.

Positions covered by ATRS include part-time or full-time employment with any Arkansas public school, educationally related state agency, college, university and/or post-secondary institution. If you are planning on returning to work after retirement, please contact our office for information on proper procedures. This will ensure that there is no loss of benefits. Members age sixty-five (65) or older may apply for benefits without termination of employment.

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