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ATRS Employers

Full-time employees of the following Arkansas employers are required to be members of ATRS:

  • Department of Correction School
  • Department of Education - General Division
  • Educational Cooperatives
  • Educational Television Commission (AETN)
  • Public Schools
  • School for the Blind
  • School for the Deaf
  • Teacher Retirement System

Part-time employees of the above are not eligible for service credit until they have worked 40 days.

Unless an alternate retirement plan is selected, full-time employees of the following are generally required to be members of ATRS:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Department of Workforce Education / Rehab. Services
  • Vocational-Technical Schools

Employees of certain educational, nonprofit corporations may be members of ATRS pending approval of their employer by the Internal Revenue Service and the ATRS Board of Trustees.

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