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The mission of ATRS is to provide optimum benefits which will enhance the quality of life for ATRS members.

Eligibility Requirements for Active Members

Minimum Years of Arkansas Service Credit

To Receive a Benefit at Age:

28 or More

Any Age


Any Age



* Retirement is based on a reduced benefit.

Once age and service requirements are met and upon filing a written application with the ATRS office, a member  may voluntarily retire. (Contact ATRS for specific information regarding your retirement eligibility.)

If benefits are to begin on July 1, applications must be filed on or before May 31. However, it is possible to retire at the beginning of any month. For benefits to become effective any time other than July 1, applications must be filed one full month prior to the desired effective date.

Four options are available at retirement. The retired member will always receive an income for life, regardless of the option selected. When a retired member dies, the accumulated contributions plus interest remaining may be refunded. Members have one year after the effective date of their retirement to change their annuity option choice.

The benefit formula for contributory service is the member's final average salary (FAS) multiplied by 2.15% times the number of contributory years of Arkansas credited service. The benefit formula for non-contributory service is the member's FAS multiplied by 1.39% times the number of non-contributory years of Arkansas credited service.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 June 2013 )