Purchasing Service Print

The following is a brief description of types of service that may be purchased. Certain limitations apply depending on the type of service you purchase.

You must be an active (working) member of ATRS to be eligible to purchase the following service:

  • Certain Out-of-State (up to 15 years) and Overseas Service (up to 10 years)
  • Private School Service (up to 15 years)
  • Private School Service Classified (up to 5 years)
  • Sabbatical Leave Service
  • Domestic Federal Service
  • Federal Retirement Service
  • Arkansas National Guard Service
  • Noncontributory to Contributory Service

You must be an active (working) member of ATRS or a reciprocal system to be eligible to purchase the following service;

  • Arkansas Service not previously established
  • Active Military Service in the U.S. Armed Forces (Military service credit may not be purchased until all eligibility requirements are met.)
  • Arkansas service cancelled by a refund of contributions

Out-of-state, overseas, private school, sabbatical leave or military service may not be used for vesting purposes in ATRS. Only Arkansas salaries will be used to compute final average salary. All service being purchased must be paid in full before retirement benefits can become effective.

Please Note: Service rendered in one Arkansas state supported retirement system may not be established or purchased in another Arkansas state supported retirement system.

Service in private schools or colleges may be established with ATRS if rendered in a school or agency recognized by the Arkansas Department of Education or recognized by the ATRS Board of Trustees as an educationally-related entity.

Interest Rate Charged for Purchased Service

The rate charged for purchased service will not be less than the System's current actuarial interest rate assumption.

Rollover of funds from a qualified tax-deferred retirement plan is possible to repay a refund or to purchase service.


Service established prior to July 1, 2011 is credited in the following manner:

0-29 days = 0
30-59 days = 1/4 year
60-89 days = 1/2 year
90-119 days = 3/4 year
120 or more days = 1 year

Service established after July 1, 2011 is credited in the following manner:

0-39 days = 0
40-79 days = 1/4 year
80-119 days = 1/2 year
120-159 days = 3/4 year
160 or more days = 1 year

For more information or to obtain the appropriate forms to purchase service, please Contact ATRS at 501-682-1517 (locally) or 1-800-666-2877 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Arkansas Teacher Retirement Law makes no provision for loans from individual members' accounts.

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