12 Months Prior

Attend one or both presentations of ATRS' informational programs, Retirement/T-DROP Workshop.

  • If you have not yet investigated the possibility of purchasing prior Arkansas or other service, contact ATRS about this option.
  • Consider how emergency expenses will be handled. Make an effort to eliminate any debt, and pay off obligations for large purchases.
  • Contact your medical insurance provider to verify your post-retirement eligibility and rates.
  • Evaluate your life insurance needs and contact your life insurance provider for information regarding eligibility and rates.
  • Use the Worksheet for Estimating Benefits to calculate your potential retirement benefits.
  • Study the benefit option plans available from ATRS. You may select Straight Life Annuity, Option A, Option B or Option C.
  • Consider status of taxation after retirement.
  • Contact ATRS with any general questions you might have.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 08 August 2012 )